Online Tutoring

  • To sign up for a live tutoring session, click on the sign up; fill out a small form and submit it.
  • Once registration is complete, you will receive an e-mail from eWebStudy confirming your registration and payment.
  • Respond to this e-mail with the time options being requested. Follow the instructions on your own to do the simple setup.
  • Login and click on calendar to schedule a session.

  • When your response is received, eWebStudy will confirm your time. We will contact you 5 minutes before your session to ensure setup is appropriately completed before session start time.
  • If you fail to login 5 minutes before your schedule session, it is deemed to be cancelled.

eWebStudy allows you to connect to a tutor just when you need help. You can schedule sessions in advance with your preferred tutor, drop in tutoring anytime, anywhere. Review concepts, catch up on school work and get help for projects and assignments.

Tutoring with us is easy, convenient and fun. We give you the software you need to talk with your tutor and work problems on the screen. Using our interactive whiteboard software, you and the tutor share an on-screen whiteboard that can display problems, solutions, worksheets, animations, simulations and other engaging, interactive content.

You work One-on-One with a professional tutor in a secure web environment using computer, a headset with a microphone, web browser and broadband Internet connection. A digital pen tablet is needed to interactive on whiteboard.

Calendar Demo:

  • Once you login to eWebStudy, click on to My eWebStudy tab next to Sign Out button.
  • Left hand sidebar you will find Student section. Select My Calendar. Blank Calendar Pops Up, click on to GO button to display the calendar,
    it will refresh the screen and show you the session and grade that you registered with eWebStudy.
  • The Calendar is displayed with time slots in three categories, Self booked, Reserved and Available.
  • If the time slot you desire is available, please go ahead and select the time you wish to book the tutoring.
  • Please book your sessions before 24 hours of your schedule time to get your desired tutor Click on to appropriate time slot, a Pop Up window will appear with your subject details, date and time. Once you agree with your session details,
    please hit submit button to confirm your appointment.
  • eWebStudy will send you email to confirm your appointment date and time and we will send reminder email an one hour before your scheduled session time.
  • Click on to My session tab to see your scheduled sessions, an hour before of your scheduled time you will find link to join the classroom.
  • Please click the link 5 minutes before your schedule time and you will be put on hold until session start time and your tutor will invite you to join the class.

Whiteboard Video Demo

You talk naturally with your tutor and listen using two-way voice communication over the Internet. When you have a question - all you need to do is ask. Talking on the computer is just like talking on the phone.

Using the virtual whiteboard workspace both tutor and student draw and write to share problems, solutions and explanations to maximize learning.

You can also chat by using the instant message box which resides right along the virtual whiteboard. This is a totally separate chat room not associated with any other website and can only be used in a eWebStudy Virtual Classroom session.

Please login, pay required fees, to get access to Calendar and whiteboard interactive tool.

Our sessions are just like working face to face with a tutor. They are just more convenient and fun!