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Bring a Buddy Program:

eWebStudy offers Life long FREE Tutoring Sessions to the students for making a successful referral. So, here is the opportunity to benefit from eWebStudy by referring your friends. Each referral could win free sessions and once you refer 10 new students, you could get life long free tutoring as long as the students you referred continue with eWebStudy. Any month if any of your referred students drop below count 10, you will have to replace with new students to meet “life long free tutoring program” guidelines or pay the difference. You can refer as many as you want to win more free sessions. Upon successful registration of the new student that you referred, eWebStudy adds new free sessions to your portfolio.

Referral Program Benefits

  • The Referrer receives free Sessions of K-12 Tutoring of his choice for each new student referral.

  • The New Referred User can avail a Free 60 minute Trial Session after registration.

Referral Program Details

  • All the users of eWebStudy are entitled to participate in the Customer Referral Program.

  • Any New Referred User can also participate in the program after registering with eWebStudy.

  • A Referral is considered successful when one of the New Referred User makes his or her first purchase with eWebStudy.

  • After a successful referral, The Referrer is provided with free session, which can be redeemed by the Referrer at eWebStudy or can be passed on to a Friend.

  • Free Session K-12 Tutoring to the Referrer.

  • Free session to redeem one Session K-12 Tutoring should be utilized within 3 months of issue.

  • The Referred Friend after registering at eWebStudy can avail one free session of 60 minutes on his first purchase of Tutoring on eWebStudy.

  • Every user has the choice to participate or still proceed to register and buy services offered by eWebStudy without participating in any offers.

Need any more Details

In case you need any more details on the Referral Program, mail us to info@eWebStudy.com

Terms & Conditions for the Customer Referral Program

  • The Program is open to all residents of USA and Canada, and who subscribe to become users of eWebStudy.com.

  • Members are required to provide accurate and complete details of their Name, E-mail Address, and Telephone number if they are registering for the first time. Any invalid details will be liable for rejection.

  • The Referrer becomes eligible for the benefit from eWebStudy after a successful referral.

  • A Referral is considered successful when one of the New Referred User makes his/her first purchase with eWebStudy.

  • By submitting a referral, the user agrees to the terms and conditions of eWebStudy. The user further affirms expressly that by submitting the entry, he or she is not violating any rights of third parties and that he or she is the author of the entry.

  • Members participating in the Referral Program expressly consent to the publication of their Name and Email address to the persons being referred by them.

  • eWebStudy reserves the right to change, alter, withdraw or cancel this Program at any time, without any prior intimation.

  • After a successful Referral, within 48 hours the referrer would get a free session in his/her account.

  • The decision of eWebStudy is final in all respects.